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April 27, 2009

life is not as easy as what we watch at movie or at televison but it also not so hard..
life will going well depends on how we manage our way of life.. what path that we choose to make our life better than yesterday..
we have to be more better in more days..
as well as we grow up, life also must going well but once we make a mistake.. don't take it as the end of your life..
whatever happen, life must go on..
take the challenge and face it strongly.
we never know what will happen tomorrow and in future.
but we can plan on what we are going to be or how our life going to be tomorrow and also the future.
don't take everything for granted. take what was happen as our guide to get a better life. everyone from one must have a target on what we wil be in the next three or six years.

for me, the most important in life is our family. without family, we are nobody..
so, my advise to all readers out there, love your familt especially your parents.


April 21, 2009

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