How to be good

May 13, 2009

To celebrate the randomness of this blog (as suggested by its name), I've decided to post something... random. A couple of weeks back, I've read How to be Good by Nick Hornby.

The story is about Katie, a GP and a self-proclaimed "good person", who's threatened by the fact that her husband David, a local newspaper columnist bearing the name "The Angriest Man In Holloway" (mad, sarcastic, etc.), is turning extremely good (give money to beggars, donate toys to shelters, adopt an 18 year-old homeless... the usuals). It's fun filled with wits, but that's beside the point.

Being good to the extreme is "the" way to go. That won't be the case if everyone shared some of their wealth with those unfortunate people, but most of us didn't. The unfortunates become more unfortunate because of insufficient help.

If watching others' generosity would make us realize how greedy we are, then someone should go extreme. Give 1000 bucks away every month. Give homes to the homeless. Donate. If they can afford it (have more than enough) why not? Be thankful. Be caring. Be good.

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Nur Farhanah said...

how to be good?? that's interesting..
It makes me realize myself..we must know our responsibility as a human. Life is like a wheel. May be today we are at the top but tomorrow?? we never know..

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