Windows 7 reviews

May 13, 2009

Windows 7 brings new features which make it easier for computers not only to get connected, but also to stay connected regardless of their location or type of network. These enhancements also enable IT professionals to meet the needs of their business in a secure, reliable, and flexible way.

  • DirectAccess uses IPsec to enables users to access a network without the need for a (VPN) connection. DirectAccess. This solution is particularly useful for providing authentication and encryption for communication across the internet. By it's nature this is a feature for domain users and requires Windows Server 2008.
  • Multiple active firewall profiles. The benefit is that firewall rules are based on the network to which each network adapter is connected, for example, Private, Public, or Domain. Let us suppose that you are at a station which supplies wireless connection. This is what happens, your VPN connection to the corporate domain network is protected by the Domain profile. While surfing the internet uses the Public profile.
  • Mobile broadband device support provides another consistent driver-based model for devices that are used to access a mobile broadband network. What's new is that users don't need to grapple with third-party software, Windows 7 takes care of business.
  • IPv6 provides the end-to-end addressing necessary for clients to connect to the enterprise network. If you are not yet ready to fully deploy IPv6, then you can use Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP), Teredo, and 6to4 to connect across the IPv4 Internet and to access IPv4 resources.
  • URL-based Quality of Service (QoS), which enables you to assign a priority level to traffic based on the URL from which the traffic originates.
  • BranchCache, which enables updated content from file and Web servers on a wide area network (WAN) to be cached on computers at a local branch office, increasing application response time and reducing WAN traffic.

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